BioEnable Public Address System

BioEnable offers a Public Address System to simplify the citywide interaction of citizens with local government bodies like Police, Disaster Management Cell, and Medical Assistance.

A Public Address System is an important component for any city, building, school, office, and other public places. Its main purpose is for public announcement, background music, and most importantly, for an emergency evacuation system. PA systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones, and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces.


Public Address System is an out-of-the-box solution that provides :

  • Fully remote- controlled and supervised public address system
  • Integrated input VoIP for direct connection to the digital infrastructure
  • Communication and control by standard protocols (HTML, SNMP, NTP, SYSLOG)
  • Option of direct coupling with the automatic announcement system
  • Easy to import, export, and save audio files to HDDs (HDD not included)
  • Auto replay of playlist music after cut-in or emergency announcements
  • Audio-recording via microphone or playlist and broadcast it as music & sound

System Components

Call Station Kit

Easy ‘press to talk’ operation, with loudspeaker and even a headset socket for monitoring. Built-in equaliser and limiter.

Handy kit for building call station functionality into custom-made units, control desks or fireman’s call stations.

Power Amplifier

Digital audio processing and adjustable delay, per channel Amplifier and loudspeaker, line monitoring, and spare amplifier switching.

Ambient microphone connection enables output level adjustment for maximum intelligibility. Control inputs and programmable output relays for functions such as local volume control override. POE supported.

Network Controller

Heart of the system: stores all control information and configuration settings, as well as pre-recorded audio messages.

Built-in web server allows configuration, diagnostics and logging from remote locations.

Audio Expander

Enables extra audio inputs and outputs to be added. For instance, additional background music, microphone or line signals can be fed into the system.

Digital audio processing for each input and output. Control inputs and outputs act as an interface with external equipment such as alarm buttons, fire alarm systems, and telephone exchanges.


  • Local or remote announcements via the standard VoIP network with a variable priority
  • Current operating states and information from the inner auto-diagnostics can be transmitted into the superior supervisory system by SNMP Protocol and it is possible to record the operation history by SYSLOG Protocol
  • Automates and streamlines business processes for asset transfers, reclassifications, disposals and other standard asset-accounting tasks
  • Connection to 128 audio servers (nVS-1PA)

- Connect to a speaker unit

- PoE-enabled, IEEE802.3af

- Transmit audio via IP/TCP network

- Aluminum housing, with wall mount bracket

  • High-power low frequency amplifier 300 W 100 V, control circuits for supervision, VoIP circuits for the input of low-frequency signal in digital form
  • All settings of analogue parameters (volume, heights, basses, levels of individual inputs and their priorities) are carried-out digitally.
  • Tracks and reports ownership, leases, asset and depreciation
  • NTP Time synchronization
  • 4 External Triggers via audio source

Technical Specifications

  • The system encompasses:

➔ Embedded OS

➔ Easy to use keyboards

➔ Shotgun Microphone

➔ Plug & Play, Ubiquitous Audio Servers ( to process audio input & output signals in each server)

➔ Via LAN & WAN over IP or VPN, Wireless or Fiber cable

➔ Support IGMP Switch

  • Easy Configuration from Software
  • Centralized E-Map graphic interface
  • support Up to 128 Audio Servers
  • 128 regional broadcasts or One multiple-region broadcast
  • Audio signals and control data are entirely digital
  • Support MP3 conversion to WAV audio format (ADPCM)
  • De-centralized & Modularized Design for quick future scalability
  • Broadcast Server & Broadcast Client available (advance function)
  • Best digital alternative to current mixer pre-amplifier, audio processing device, multi zone amplifier and music scheduling system

Output: Output power till 100V of distribution 200-300 W (the 230 V power supply version) or 150-200 W (the 12/48 V power supply version)

Power/ Battery - Rated power supply voltage 230 V ±10% 50 Hz, max. 8 A ( the 300 W version), or 48 V DC max. 10 A (the 48 V version)

Temperature - Working temperature range 0 to 50 ° C. Storage temperature range –20 to 60 °C Humidity 20 to 80 %