BioEnable T502

How to connect Internet through WIFI

1. Open WiFi option.

2. Select the appropriate WiFi Router.

3. Enter the password and click on connect option.

How to connect internet through LAN

1. Plug in LAN cable and open settings in tab

2.In setting open more setting option

3. Open Ethernet option

4. On Ethernet and select Static if you want to add ip manually

5. Add IP address and other details and click on connect

NOTE- For use BAS App with LAN Connection you need to open port From NIC

How to connect internet through sim card

1. Open screws

2. Insert sim and place it as shown in diagram

3. Open setting option

4. Open more setting and select sim cards

5. Select sim for internet

6. Click on option to connect to internet

How to set time zone

1. Open setting option

2. Open date & time option

3. Off the option Automatic time zone and click on select time zone.

4. Select time zone Kolkata GMT +05:30

How to copy App from pen drive

1. Insert pen drive and pull down list for notification and open the option USB drive

2. Select the both APK as shown in image and click on the option of three dots

3. Select the option copy to

4. Click on the option cop

Download ACPL FM220 RD App from Play Store

1. Open play store and add an account

2. Search ACPL FM220 Registred Device

3. After searching select the ACPL FM220 Registered Device and click install and after that accept

4. After installation click on open option

How to Install ACPL FM220 RD APP

1. Open File Manager and select internal storage and then download

2. Run ACPL FM220 Registed device app

3. Install the app

4. After installation done click on open

To Register device

1. Click on the option shown in below image and click on OK

2. After Opening of App If you get an error saying please Connect FM220 then restart device And open ACPL FM220 RD App

3. Once you open app on 1st page you will get an option Register Device. Click on it and on 2nd page you will see your Device Registered Close this app and Install other

How to download BAS app from website

1. Open browser and then open google

2. Search BASReports download

3. Open BAS download link

4. click on download BAS app as shown in image

How to install BAS app

1. After successful download open file manager

3. Select internal storage>>download option>>Select the app and say install

3. Select the APK and run it and say open

4. Tick the check box shown in below image and then click on allow

How to activate BAS App

1. After Open App, You will get the below page Now Select Domain And Fill Activation Code

2.Select your Domain

3. Fill the activation code & click on the lock symbol

4. Once authenticated please select machine location and click on scan biometric

5. Now place your finger on device

Now your device is ready to use.