Emergency Response Box

BioEnable Crisis Response Box

BioEnable offers a Crisis Response Box for various on-field scenarios wherein a crisis response management system is a must during panic situations like at railway stations, bus stops, and other publicly accessible places.

The Crisis Response Box is an all-in-one solution to assist citizens and public entities in crisis prevention planning at city level. The Crisis Response Box is an invaluable resource if a critical incident ever arises at a public place. It offers all the necessary features of emergency response plan adapted to provide help to citizens and community before an event occurs.

Comprehensive crisis prevention planning includes assembling the box, coordinating with all those who will be involved if a crisis occurs, conducting practice drills and identifying security needs. The box, therefore, is designed to be both a process and a result. It consists of bringing together Citizens,Local Government officials, law enforcement officers and emergency services personnels in the collaborative process required to meet a city’s disaster planning needs. And, it will result in a tangible aid to gaining control of any public place’s critical incident.


BioEnable Crisis Response Box is an out-of-the-box solution that provides,

  • Real-time two way audio and video communication system for Citizen and City Public Officials
  • Reduces manual tasks by automatically starting a crisis call by pushing a Single Button.
  • Integrated with mobile application for anytime , anywhere connect with city officials.
  • Rugged tamper proof design with 24/7 connectivity and operational capabilities.

The BioEnable Crisis Response Box Solution provides comprehensive call log Reports and a dashboard with complete incident trails and accurate response time lags - delivering the highest level of confidence in crisis reporting, speedy action and to provide help on time.

General Emergency Phone Operation:

  • Automatically dials 1-20 digit numbers
  • Integral 16 second digital voice location announcer
  • Program and record remotely from a touch tone phone
  • Phone numbers and announcements are stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Compatible with Central Station Monitoring
  • Disconnects on silence, busy, dial tone, CPC or time out
  • Temperature range (-15°F to 130°F)
  • Automatically dials up to 3 other numbers if the call is not answered or busy.


  • Two way communication panel with one button press to talk to intercom station.
  • Enabled with a video camera and video screen for visuals
  • Rugged all weather cabinet for hands free calling Watertight and industrial grade equipment
  • Full IP/TCP network audio system which could be set up over non-dedicated network system.
  • Ideal communication system for bank, prison, hospital, school, mining plant, transportation center, airport, metro or subway.
  • Built-in 20W class-D amplifier to power 8ohm speaker
  • Full IP/TCP network audio system which could be set up over non-dedicated network system
  • Ring call to intercom station microphone and automatically transfer function when no answer or busy
  • Embed PC technology, built-in DSP and high speed industrial chip to ensure start time less than 1 second.
  • Enables real-time exceptions and/or incident notification
  • Built-in a 3W full range monitor speaker of excellent voice restoration.
  • 3G / 4G / Ethernet connectivity

Technical Specifications