Parbhani City Municipal Corporation


The Parbhani City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is one of the Municipal Corporations of Maharashtra State which was formed under the enactment of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Act 1948. PCMC is responsible for keeping and maintenance of civic amenities including Solid Waste Management of Parbhani City. The jurisdiction of PCMC comprises of 65 Wards and 3 zones for performance of various activities at the field level. The PCMC has a fleet of about 95 vehicles.

Challenges Faced:

The authorities at PCMC had a tough time to monitor the concerns related to the solid waste management.The main challenges faced by the authorities over there were as follows:

    • No relevant information about vehicles whether they were actually collecting the garbage at the assigned time and from the allocated locations.
    • It was also difficult for the authorities to monitor the fuel consumption by the vehicles.
    • No source to cross verify the trip count done by the vehicle.
    • The waste was kept unattended for long time .

Authorities Wanted To Implement:

So looking at the scenario the authorities at PCMC wanted to implement some of the essentials of e-Governance pertaining to Solid Waste Management.

    • They wanted actual trip reports of garbage removal trucks on daily basis.
    • Real time monitoring the movement of the vehicles.
    • Route optimization, which shall help in fuel saving and help serving more location.
    • Various alerts – speed violation.
    • Fuel consumption report.

BioEnable Proposed Solution:

After having a site survey and looking at the real scenario BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd has provided the following solution:

    1. GPS Device
    2. Fuel Sensor

Solution 1- GPS Device

The GPS devices continuously communicates with central server directly through GPRS. This device is installed in PCMC vehicles. We have successfully installed 100+ GPS devices in PCMC vehicles.


    1. Manage routes and vehicles through an automated system.
    2. Keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
    3. MIS Reports and Alerts which facilitate monitoring of driver’s behavior, unscheduled stops, long breaks, over-speed, non-stoppage of the fleet at the scheduled stoppage point and route deviation, etc.
    4. Web enabled Map based locating of positions of Vehicles
    5. The GPS device is sealed with security screws.
    6. Various alerts generated – over speed, route violation.

Vehicle Types:

Solution 2-Fuel Sensor

The fuel sensor is integrated with our GPS device to sense the level of fuel consumed by the vehicle.Then appropriate data is reflected on the servers.


  • To avoid fuel theft.
  • Helps in monitoring fuel consumption.
  • Helps in fuel forecasting.

Screenshot of Software :

1. Main dashboard

2. Manager Dashboard

3. Vehicle Movement Report:

4. Driver Duty Report:

5. GPS Device Installation

PCMC Case Study.pdf