Kakinada Smart City


The Municipal authority at Kakinada is responsible for collection, segregation, transportation, dumping and processing of the city waste from door to door. Authority has deployed vehicles for collection of door to door waste and dumping into the bins/collection points at strategic locations. From these bins/collection point separate four wheeler (loaders) carries the waste to the single location called waste processing plant. Also, authority has field staff responsible for street and collection of street waste and dumping to the nearest bin/collection points.

Challenges Faced:

For the authorities to manage the people responsible for the activity and proper utilization of assets/resources assigned to them had become a complex job. The main problem faced by them concerning to the solid waste management process were as follows

  • Lack of information, about the collecting time and area.
  • Lack of proper system for monitoring, tracking the vehicles and trash bin that have been collected in real time.
  • There is no estimation, to the amount of Solid Waste inside the bin and the surrounding due to scattering of waste.
  • Physical visit requires to verify employee performance
  • The waste keeps lying unattended for several days.
  • There is no quick response to urgent cases like truck accident, breakdown, longtime idling etc.

Authorities Wanted To Implement:

A GIS/GPS enable Solid Waste Management System practices within the existing landscape to:

  • Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.
  • Real Time Management of missed garbage collection.
  • Efficient monitoring and management of waste collection bins
  • Route optimization, which shall help in reduction of trip time, fuel saving and help serving more location.
  • Reduce human intervention in monitoring process
  • Keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  • Reporting of vehicles, garbage collected and othe SWM details to higher authorities from any location at any time.
  • Monitor and track the activities of field staff force on daily basis

BioEnable Proposed Solution:

After undertaking the site survey of the concerned city and by thoroughly making itself aware of the ground realities and the associated challenges prevailing there, BioEnable Technologies proposed the following set of solution for kakinada City

  1. GPS device with inbuilt RS232 communication module
  2. RFID Reader with cage protection to be mounted on the garbage collection vehicle
  3. Smart Bin Sensor with cage protection to monitor the garbage fill level in the concerned bins
  4. RFID Tag with cage protection to be fixed on bins.
  5. Hand Held Terminal with inbuilt GPS and GPRS to monitor attendance of the field staff
  6. Mobile application for drivers so as to guide them to the nearest bin through the shortest path available
  7. Integrated Solid Waste Management Software with following integrated modules
    1. Vehicle Tracking System
    2. Bin Management System
    3. Staff Attendance Software

Solution 1 - GPS Device With inbuilt RS232 Communication Module:

BioEnable Technologies installed GPS with RS 232 communication module in all the waste collection vehicle as the vehicle were supposed to be fitted with RFID Reader and the RFID Reader would communicate with GPS using RS 232 communication thus enabling the GPS device to share the relevant data transmitted by RFID Reader to the relevant server.


  • Manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.
  • Keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  • Scheduling of vehicles in the case of deviation/emergency

Solution 2 - RFID Reader on Vehicle and RFID Tag on Bins along with Bins Sensor to Monitor fill level of Bins

The waste collection vehicle were fitted with RFID Reader and the bins were fitted with passive RFID Tag. The same were fitted in such a manner that whenever the vehicle lifted the bin, the RFID Reader would only read the tag when the bin and tag would be in a distance less than 1 feet thus ensuring the bin was lifted properly and cleared.

The Smart Bin Sensor provided a second level of authentication regarding Bin clearance, the bin sensor raised an alarm in the concerned software when the garbage in the Bin reached an alarming level. Thus ensuring the authorities are aware that th bin is about to reach its maximum fill level. Also the bin sensor is programmed to send fill Level information at regular time intervals. Thus ensuring the authorities are constantly updated about the amount of garbage present in the bins.


  • Real time monitoring of Compactor vehicles
  • Timely collection & transportation of garbage
  • Real time analysis of garbage level in the bin
  • Timely clearance of waste generated at bin level
  • Clearance of bins on 24*7 basis
  • Grievance redressal with feedback and acknowledgement
  • Monitor actual pickup of waste from bins
  • Scheduling of vehicles for clearance of bins
  • Scheduling of vehicles in the case of deviation/emergency
  • Visibility on bin overflow and Alerts to Command Center
  • Capturing Volume of garbage transferred to Ramps/Transfer station/ Landfill sites, etc.

Solution 3 - Hand Held Terminal For Monitoring Attendance Of Field Staff

As the authorities were not able to monitor the attendance of on field staff and not able to ensure the requisite work allocated to them was completed. BioEnable provided the authorities with a Hand Held Terminal having an inbuilt GPS and GPRS technology so the requisite authorities / supervisor can take attendance of the field staff remotely also get updated about their working location.



  • Ensure the availability of Mukadam and SWaCH Workers in each wards
  • Improves efficiency and work
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Attendance report can be generated ward/employee wise

Solution 4 - Mobile Application For Driver, Citizen and Staff

With the idea and intention 0f providing on time and quick service regarding bin clearance BioEnable provided a Driver Mobile Application to the concerned authorities.

The Mobile Application will allow the driver to see all the bins at Kakinada which are fitted with Bin Sensor so the driver can see the live fill level status of the bins and also the Mobile Application will let the driver to see bins which are allocated to his Ward / Zone. The Mobile Application will help the driver reach the bin through the shortest possible path from the driver’s current location thus ensuring lesser fuel consumption with better service.

Along with the Driver Mobile App, BioEnable will also provide the concerned authorities with two more Mobile Application i.e one for the Citizen and one for the Staff. The Citizen will use the mobile application to alert the authorities of any overflowing bin, by taking it’s picture and by filling the requisite details. After the concerned bin is cleared by the authorities the Staff can use the Staff mobile application to send the confirmation message along with photo to the citizen that his complaint has been attend and the needful has been done.

Solution 5 - Integrated Solid Waste Management Software

For overall management of the system and to ensure the smooth running of the proposed and installed hardware, BioEnable has provided the Software which is distributed in three parts so as to ensure smooth and easy usage of the software by the concerned authorities. The concerned software has been distribute in the following parts:

  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Bin Management System
  • Attendance Management System


  • Separate module ensure easy understanding and easy usage of the software by requisite authorities
  • All the three sections can be monitored separately at the same instant.
  • Easy and fast implementation of corrective action in case of undesirable situation.

Screenshots of Software:

1. Main Dashboard

2. Smart Bin Sensor Dashboard

3. GPS Dashboard

4. Reports

RFID Reader and GPS Installed In Vehicles-:

RFID Tag and Smart Bin Sensor In Bins:

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