Indore Smart City Development Limited


Indore has set a goal for itself as an advance stage Smart city where “All major services are provided through online and offline platforms. Citizens and officials can access information on accounting and monitor status of projects and programs through data available on online system”.Indore Municipal Corporation is operating around 700 vehicles in the city for collecting waste. Indore Smart City Development Limited intends to use state-of-the-art technologies such as GPS, IP cameras and to improve ground level mechanisms and provide efficiency in the waste collection process.

Challenges Faced:

The major challenges faced by the authorities of IMC were:

  • No relevant information about vehicles whether they were actually collecting the garbage at the assigned time and from the allocated locations.
  • No source to cross verify the trip count done by the vehicle.
  • No count of the people who were using public & community toilets.
  • They had manual process for the Weighbridge Vehicle Monitoring System.

Authorities Wanted To Implement:

The authorities wanted a solution which could fulfill the challenges that were faced by them. The solution they wanted to implement was as follows:

  • Show real-time monitoring of the vehicles.
  • Various alerts – speed violation.
  • Reduce human efforts for the weighbridge vehicle monitoring system
  • Solution which can count the people who were using public & community toilets.
  • Source to cross verify the trip count.

BioEnable Proposed Solution:

After studying their requirement and looking at the real scenario which was faced by IMC BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd has provided the following solution:

  1. GPS Device
  2. RFID Tag and RFID Reader
  3. CCTV

Solution 1- GPS Device

The GPS devices continuously communicates with central server directly through GPRS. This device is installed in IMC vehicles.


  • Manage routes and vehicles through an automated system.
  • Keep history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  • MIS Reports and Alerts which facilitate monitoring of drivers' behavior, unscheduled stops, long breaks, over-speed, non-stoppage of the fleet at the scheduled stoppage point and route deviation, etc.
  • Web enabled Map based locating of positions of Vehicles
  • For security the GPS device has security screws which are diagonally placed.

Solution 2- RFID Tag and RFID Reader

The RFID reader is installed at weighbridge and will read the RFID Tag applied on vehicle and based on that vehicle information will be updated. The data of the weight being carried by individual trucks can be updated easily and the information is sent to the central Server through GPRS.


  • Weight from Weight sensors and vehicle Identification from RFID tag will be collected and sent to server, no Manual intervention is required
  • No manual entry on the registers at transfer stations
  • It is completely automated process.
  • Also helps monitoring, if vehicles (like BRC) is dumping the garbage at defined landfills or not

Solution 3- CCTV:

We have installed the CCTV IP enabled successfully at 46 public toilets (PT)/Community toilets (CT). The major objective was to identify the usage of toilet blocks within Indore City.


  • Identify the usage of toilet blocks within Indore City.
  • The video analytics shall provide mechanism to count the number of people entering or exiting individual toilet block.

Architecture of Solution:

Architecture of WeighBridge Automation:

Screenshots of Software:

1. Citizen Portal

2. Main Dashboard

3. Live Dashboard

4. Various Reports:

5. Manager Dashboard

6. Vehicle Movement Report:


8. GPS Device Installation:

9. WeighBridge Automation:

10. CCTV Installation:

10. RFID Reader Installation:

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